Seabreeze Cabanas - Victoria Bay, Garden Route - Vic Bay

Victoria Bay is one of the many surprises that the Garden Route has to offer. Here you will find a unique and sheltered cove nestled between magnificent cliffs, making Victoria Bay one of the safest beaches in the vicinity.

Apart from its beautiful beach it is also famous for its perfect waves, a challenge to top surfers around the world, particularly during the winter months of June through August.

Whale and dolphin watching, bathing, fishing, snorkelling, surfing, trailing and horseback riding are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed here.

Daytime temperature seldom drops below 15ºC or rises higher than 30ºC. Rainfall is around 700mm p.a. on the Garden Route, supporting the indigenous forests in the area.

Victoria Bay will offer you a truly memorable experience for the whole family. The beach is only 300m away from Seabreeze Cabanas - ideal for an early morning dip and a stroll at sunset.